4 Ways To Maximize Profits When Selling Your Home in the Detroit Area

Your home is a major investment that you’ve put your hard-earned money into over the years. Naturally, you want to get as much back as possible so that you can put your profits towards a new house or build up your savings. Knowing these tips for how to sell your home for the most money gives you an edge as you put your house on the market.

Open Up Access to Your Home

Bringing in more buyers is the best way to take advantage of a competitive market. If you can get multiple offers, then a bidding war might start that helps drive up the price. The pandemic created a few challenges for getting buyers into a home since many agents follow safety practices such as limiting home tours to only one or two people at a time. Choosing to make your house available for more hours during the day or on weekends can help your agent schedule more showings. You can also work with them to explore options for displaying your home online that will help people who live further away check it out.

Help Buyers See Themselves In Your Home

With a normal house guest, you might encourage them to check out your family photos or browse through your sports collection. However, you’ll want to treat prospective buyers differently. Buyers already tend to feel a little apprehensive about entering someone’s home, and removing personal effects makes it feel less awkward. Real estate companies in Macomb County tend to recommend removing family photos, children’s artwork, and any items that could potentially be offensive to a buyer. You can replace these items with general art such as abstract paintings or landscape photos to decorate in a way that helps buyers feel more comfortable exploring.

Keep Up Appearances

Home staging can dramatically increase the value of your house, and you want to make sure everything stays in tip-top shape. After your initial hard work, all you have to do is keep things clean and tidy. Some homeowners choose to stay in a hotel during the first or busiest week of showings. If this isn’t possible, then make it a habit to wash your dishes before leaving your house and picking up any clutter. Buyers notice everything about a house, including the smells, so make sure it has a fresh, clean scent that is noticeable from the first step through the doorway.

Figure Out the Right List Price

You might feel like your home is worth millions, but pricing it too high can drive buyers to other properties. Work with your agent to determine the right price for your house as it fits into the current housing market. The current idea is to set a fair price and allow buyers to bid, which can help increase your profits.

When you’ve cared for your home over the years, you should see your hard work pay off. Buyers love homes that are clearly maintained and priced right for the market. After setting your home up to show off its best features, all you have to do is open it up to potential buyers who won’t think twice about meeting your asking price or going higher.