5 Mistakes You HAVE To Avoid When Seeing A House Virtually

So you saw your dream house online and it’s everything you’ve wanted. Be aware that seeing a home for sale online is not like seeing it in real life. Take a deep breath and make an appointment for a tour, even if it’s virtual, of the home. See the list below before making any life-altering decisions.

1. Making Decisions Based on Emotions

Don’t let your emotions make your decisions for you. Maybe you want to rush through things and you don’t get an inspection. Take the extra time to get an inspection done by a reputable company. Not doing this beforehand could lead to a headache later.

2. Not Asking Enough Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask away. This is a big expenditure, so you deserve to ask all the questions you want. It’s okay if you happen to put the current owners in a tight position. You have a right to know about repairs, problem areas, how the neighbors are, and crime in the area on your potential new property.

3. Not Hiring a Realtor Familiar with the New Home and Neighborhood

Moving to a new home without seeing it first has the potential for many problems. You won’t need to count the home purchase as one of those problems as long as the real estate agent you choose can be up close and personal to the property. They need to be your primary eyes and ears when it comes to checking out the new neighborhood. The only way they can do that successfully is to actually be right there.

4. Not Googling Your New Neighborhood

Having your Realtor at the new location is necessary, but you can still take the initiative and look on Google Street View at your new home, the street you will be living on, and the surrounding area. See how the yards are kept up. Look around with your Google eyes and notice the businesses that are close by. Proximity to schools might be important to you. Calculate the miles to your work from the new home to compare the distance you drive now so you can decide if it would be doable.

5. Not Requesting a Floorplan

The house might look great from the outside, but you need to see a floor plan before making a final decision. Confirm that there are enough bedrooms and bathrooms. You might need extra space down the road if you are planning for a larger family or want the extra room for your mother-in-law or other relative to live with you. The kitchen needs to be adequate for your family’s needs. Measure out the rooms of the new home and compare them with where you are now. It will give you an idea of the new accommodations and how your furniture, and your family, will fit.

If this is truly the home of your dreams and it is meant to be yours, it will still be there after you have gone through the necessary steps the right way. You will feel better, in the long run, knowing you didn’t cut corners and that your perfect home has been signed off on and you know exactly what you’re getting.