5 Ways To Negotiate Home Repairs After Conducting A Home Inspection

When you find some problems with the house that you’re planning on buying, you need to find out how you can get some of them repaired by the seller. But it might not be worth trying to get all of the repairs done by someone else. Whenever you’re buying a house, you should prioritize which repairs should be done by the seller, which you’re willing to take money instead of repairs, and which ones you’re willing to do yourself. Here are some ways to prioritize and negotiate repairs with the seller.

Decide What Repairs You Absolutely Need and Which Ones You Could Live Without

There are going to be some repairs that you must have done because of safety reasons or because they’re very expensive. After you’ve had your house inspected and have already received the list from the home inspector, you probably have a pretty good idea of what is really important and which ones are significantly less expensive and less important. For instance, you might decide that having the breaker box from the 1970s replaced is very important for both safety and financial reasons, but it’s far less important to have a crack in the concrete in the garage repaired.

Get a Quote from a Contractor

While you might have an idea of how much a particular project is likely to cost, know that getting quotes on all of the projects that you need to be done to live in a home will give you a much more realistic and clear idea of what it will actually cost you, including materials and labor. Getting quotes will also give you more bargaining power when you’re negotiating with the seller.

Determine If You Want Money or Repairs

Some people think that you would always prefer repairs over money or visa versa, but it can really depend on your situation. For instance, if you want to be able to move into a house that has all of the major repairs already done, you might prefer to have the seller get the repairs done. Conversely, if you have the knowledge and skills to do some of the repairs yourself, you might prefer the cash payout for all of the work and supplies so that you can save money on labor. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the seller might have some opinions on which option they would prefer, too.

Be Polite About Requests

The seller isn’t under any obligation to make repairs, so you’re always in a better position if you approach repairs with a polite request. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, and you’re more likely to reach negotiations that both of you like if both parties are willing to be amicable.

Look At Their Side

It’s easy to become frustrated if you don’t receive all of the repair requests that you were hoping for, but you should also remember that the seller has a lot of other costs associated with selling a house, and they might not be able to meet all of your requests.

If you’re in the market to buy a house, talk to the real estate companies in Macomb County for more advice on negotiating with the seller on repairs.