6 0r 7 Tips On How To Win A Highest & Best

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🚨6 0r 7 Tips On How To Win A Highest & Best🚨
In a hot market we often find ourselves in a highest and best offer situations. But how do we make sure our offer stands a chance? How do we make sure the seller chooses our offer? Find 6 ways that you can make sure your offer beats out the competition. Or maybe we threw in a bonus tip. So wait, is it 7 tips on how to win a highest and best offer situation then?

1. Strong Preapproval
2. Eliminate Conditions
3. Give The Seller Time
4. Increase Your EMD
5. Write A Letter
6. Be Prepared
7. Escalation Clause

But wait, I heard escalation clauses come with some risk. Is that true?
Yo bro, just watch the video and find out. It’s all there.

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