Inked Difference

They say you need to learn the rules first – and then you can break them. We’ve done our time, and now we’re throwing that rule book out. We’re setting out to prove that you don’t need all the trappings of a real estate agency to get real results for your clients.

There are no pleated khakis here.

No power suits.

No slimy sales pitches or high-pressure situations.

Only straight-forward, real guidance from realtors that have your back.

Because while we’ve bucked the clichés, one thing still rings true: clients come first.


This is a weird time – we know. But surprisingly, there has never been a better time to buy. So we’re doing everything we can to empower you to get into the house of your dreams. Did you know about our Find Your Dream Home Guarantee? For a full year, if you’re not happy with your home or if your life changes (we get it – sometimes life is crazy) we promise to sell your house for free and get you into one that you love. It’s just one way that we’re different from the rest.

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