Local Favorite: Sister Pie

Some home buyers look for homes near good schools, in safe neighborhoods, in the vicinity of a variety of cultural activities and low property taxes. When looking for homes for sale in Detroit, other people gauge their new home requirements on the proximity of somewhere to satisfy their sweet tooth and a place to make them feel like they are truly home.

Who They Are
Located in Detroit’s West Village, Sister Pie rates as one of the best bakeries in Detroit. The staff is more family than most groups of employees. They embrace their community with their kind hearts and recipes that will have you going back on a regular basis.

Giving to Their Community and the Planet
Sharing what they have with those who have little is something high on the list of importance for the group of sisters and considered one of their bottom lines. Donations are accepted for those in the community who need a little help with groceries. Slices of pie are gladly given even when a customer is short on funds.

Placing as little hardship on the environment as necessary is another bottom line for the sisters. They compost and use packaging that is biodegradable, partnering with companies such as Midtown Composting, BRP Boxshop, and Michigan Greensafe to help ensure as little damage as possible with their footprints on the earth.

Teaching Anti-Racism and Diversity
One of the goals of the pie sisters is to stop racism and racial inequality by opening communication on this broad subject and speaking out to foster inclusivity and diversity. Their Anti-Racist Book Club is one way they hope to make a difference. This is in conjunction with Source Booksellers, a Black-owned business whose links are available on the bakery’s website.

The Pies
Not to be forgotten are the made from scratch pies currently available for purchase online. The pies are all seasonal and made with fresh fruit throughout the year. You may discover a new taste as the family of sisters delights in experimenting with different combinations, many of them, non-traditional but fun. Ingredients are purchased locally when at all possible.

A cookbook came about from the recipes that have been created since the restaurant’s inception and before. The vast array of pie flavors includes Toasted Marshmallow-Butterscotch and Sour Cherry-Bourbon as well as traditional tastes to perk up your senses.

Your list of requirements when house hunting may vary, but the availability of delectable bakeries nearby will enhance the potential of any home you want to make your own. Pie is comfort food. Sister Pie offers comfort in its simplest form – acceptance, and inclusion. The family of sisters at Sister Pie will make you feel like you are home.