The Pie Is Right: Episode 2

Week 1 is in the books and the feedback was MEDIOCRE at best so we thought we would try it again. Be prepared to have your mind blown! 🤯
Episode 2 – The Pie is Right! – Millionaire Edition 💰
Coming in pretty average and stuff we’ve got regular_sized_rick!!
The HOUSE – made up of 3 spectacularly speckled cats.
Who are you putting your bets on?! If the house wins Rick gets PIED. But if Rick wins all bets are off. 😋
Be prepared for 14 minutes of pure entertainment…
Oh yeah, and some Real Estate knowledge and such. Well, sort of.
f you’ve got someone in mind to be our next guest contestant tag them in the comments below.😉👇🤪
Well I hope you liked our video and we thank you for watching!!
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