Above & Beyond

We go above and beyond.

It isn’t just a slogan or a discount version of a certain animated space ranger’s catchphrase (name redacted so we don’t get sued).

It’s a promise to you that we’ll do whatever we can, so you don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

We listen to our customers specific needs and translate that to purchasing their dream home. Every client that walks through our door (or into our email boxes, because let’s be honest… there aren’t a lot of doors opening these days) is different. Their likes, dislikes, requirements, and budget all need to be taken into consideration. Truly listening and finding the right home for you is the best part of our day.

Impeccable negotiation skills to ensure our clients are getting everything they desire. Not trying to brag here, but our negotiation skills aren’t too shabby. But it’s not just for fun – it’s all in service of getting you the best deal and to check all of your boxes.

Capitalize on these historically low interest rates. Last – but not least – with the interest rates as low as they are, it’s our job to help make your money work hard for you to take advantage of the times.

Hit us up if you want to see what Inked Michigan Realty can do for you. We’d love to talk.


Inked Michigan Realty

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