We’re for the weird ones. The ones with a screw loose. The ones who colored outside the lines
because it just looked a little better. We’re for those who are unapologetically themselves.
Because that’s the line that we follow too.

Inked was born out of the promise that you don’t have to look like a realtor to get results for
your clients. That beyond the power suits and the firm handshakes, far past the clichés and
khakis, great things can happen. We’re living proof.

You know why?

For us, that’s all the middle. Distraction. We’d rather spend all of our energy on our clients,
because you’re the reason we’re here and have thrived, despite the “trying times.” And seeing
what we can do together has been the greatest part of this ride so far.

So, whether you are in the market to buy or sell a home, just “browsing,” or making plans for
your dream house down the road, see why working with us will be one of the best decisions
you’ll ever make.

Most of our clients buy or sell with us within 30 days! And let’s be honest – we’re more fun to
work with anyway.

Interested? Want to learn more? Hit us up to see what Inked Michigan Realty can do for you. We’d love to talk.

Inked Michigan Realty
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(248) 965-4649