Work From Home / Virtual School

If you would’ve told us a year ago that our houses would also be functioning as the office, a boardroom, a classroom, a playground, a daycare, and the only walls we’d see for months, we’d have called you crazy. But 2020 has been unforgiving and it’s looking like we’re still going to be in this for a while. So, if you’re looking for some extra space, a new house could be the solution to spread out a bit.

As a reminder, here’s why it’s a great time to buy:

Fast closing! Time is ticking before the start of the Michigan school year. We work hard to get you into your new home quickly so you can settled in before the madness starts again.

Vast array of homes for sale. The market is on fire, which means that there are homes of every shape, size and style available. Let’s work together to find the home of your dreams.

Low interest rates. With the lowest interest rates on record happening right now, your money goes further. Meaning you can afford more house for less!

Great Inked team. With decades of experience between us all and a laser-focused commitment to you, our team can’t wait to show you the Inked Difference and for the day when we can hand over the keys to your beautiful new home.

Hit us up if you want to see what Inked Michigan Realty can do for you. We’d love to talk.


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